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Bilindex-General is a list of Spanish Subject Heading equivalents to Library of Congress Subject Heading List. BUT, it makes provisions, particularly within it syndetic apparatus and Children’s headings, to equate to the basic practicality of Sears.

Bilindex Librarianship Internship–Subject Cataloging

Librarianship Internship–Subject Cataloging

This internship involves working with the Bilindex Subject Cataloging Development Team. This internship opportunity provides the prospective intern with an avenue to a unique work experience in subject cataloging development with national and international impact. Interested students may submit a current resume to The subjects encompass general subject headings, medical and high technology terms, and legal lexicon.


We currently offer to Library graduate students an online subject cataloging internships. These are unpaid internships for credits on the title page of Bilindex Online.

This is how the system works in a nutshell: We send you by e-mail a number of subject headings with the specifications for their translation into Spanish. The subject headings need to be searched online in LC Authority Files with their respective syndetic apparatus and translated into Spanish. The Spanish must meet standard and prevalent regional lexical variants. The authority work done by the intern is returned by e-mail to the Bilindex Team which will review it until it is accepted for publication. The subject authority work needs to be carried out within an agreed period of time (generally two or three months). The subject headings are submitted for publication with the name of the intern as author and contributor to that Bilindex version. Bilindex is periodically updated. The interns get credit and a portfolio with recognition of their work and contribution to subject access development.

Interns not only gain exposure for their bilingual subject access development work, but receive added benefits as well, such as being listed as a Spanish-English bilingual subject cataloger with all our affiliated institutions, such public and university libraries, and all our associated websites.


Gain experience in English-Spanish Bilingual subject heading development:

Earn credits, exposure and show yourself as an expert in this field of Librarianship.

Refer employers to professionally published examples of your subject cataloging work to obtain a position as a full-time librarian in public or academic libraries, or apply to post-graduate training.

Your contribution will appear on all of our sites with just one click, giving you local, national, and international exposure in the field of subject cataloging.



1.   To apply you must submit by email a letter of interest and a curriculum vitae or resume.

2.   You must be a graduate student, preferably, but not necessarily, enrolled in a Library School.

3.   You must possess excellent language skills in English, and at least good written skills in Spanish.

4.   This is an online internship, thus you must have ample access to the web.

Interested students may submit a current resume and letter of interest to


These are Spanish equivalent headings for “Military law.”

Derecho militar

Military law

Derecho militar—Chile

Military law—Chile

Derecho militar—Chile—Casos

Military law—Chile—Cases.

Derecho militar—Chile—Revistas

Military law—Chile—Periodicals.

Derecho militar—Chile—Historia—Siglo XIX

Military law—Chile—History—19th Century.

Derecho militar—Chile—Resúmenes, esquemas, etc.

Military law—Chile—Outlines, syllabi, etc.

Derecho militar—Chile—Congresos

Military law—Chile—Congresses.

Derecho militar—España—Diccionarios—Español

Military law—Spain—Dictionaries—Spanish.

Derecho militar—Chile—Santiago—Historia—Fuentes

Military law—Chile—Santiago—History—Sources

Derecho militar—Chile—Santiago—Historia—Fuentes—Estudios interculturales

Military law—Chile—Santiago—History—Sources—Cross-cultural studies.

Derecho militar—Chile—Disposiciones criminales—Digestos

Military law—Chile—Criminal provisions—Digests.

Derecho militar—Chile—Revistas

Military law—Chile—Periodicals.

 Derecho militar (Ley Islámica)

Military law (Islamic law)

Derecho militar (Ley Judía)

Military law (Jewish law)

These are Spanish subject headings equivalents for “Works Councils”

Consejos laborales

Works councils

x             Consejos de trabajo;

Consejos obreros

Consejos de trabajadores

Trabajo, Consejos de

Consejos laborales—Casos de estudio—Congresos

Works councils—Case studies—Congresses.

Consejos laborales—Chile

Works councils—Chile.

Consejos laborales—Paises comunistas

Works councils—Communist countries.

Consejos laborales—Conflictos de leyes

Works councils—Conflict of laws

Consejos laborales—Congresos

Works councils—Congresses.

Consejos laborales— Chile—Santiago—Historia

Works councils—Chile—Santiago—History

Consejos laborales—Estudios interculturales.

Works councils—Cross-cultural studies

Consejos laborales

Works councils—Chile

Consejos laborales—Chile—Historia.

Works councils—Chile—History

Consejos laborales—Chile—Historia—Fuentes—Estudios interculturales

Works councils—Chile—History—Source—Cross-cultural studies