These are Spanish equivalent headings for “Military law.”

Derecho militar

Military law

Derecho militar—Chile

Military law—Chile

Derecho militar—Chile—Casos

Military law—Chile—Cases.

Derecho militar—Chile—Revistas

Military law—Chile—Periodicals.

Derecho militar—Chile—Historia—Siglo XIX

Military law—Chile—History—19th Century.

Derecho militar—Chile—Resúmenes, esquemas, etc.

Military law—Chile—Outlines, syllabi, etc.

Derecho militar—Chile—Congresos

Military law—Chile—Congresses.

Derecho militar—España—Diccionarios—Español

Military law—Spain—Dictionaries—Spanish.

Derecho militar—Chile—Santiago—Historia—Fuentes

Military law—Chile—Santiago—History—Sources

Derecho militar—Chile—Santiago—Historia—Fuentes—Estudios interculturales

Military law—Chile—Santiago—History—Sources—Cross-cultural studies.

Derecho militar—Chile—Disposiciones criminales—Digestos

Military law—Chile—Criminal provisions—Digests.

Derecho militar—Chile—Revistas

Military law—Chile—Periodicals.

 Derecho militar (Ley Islámica)

Military law (Islamic law)

Derecho militar (Ley Judía)

Military law (Jewish law)

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