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Bilindex and authority work

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Bilindex and authority work

Chahbenderian, Estela <estela@…> 2011-06-06 12:15:05 GMT
Dear catalogers,

I'm concerned about Spanish subject authority records for Bilindex users. We are a small academic library
in Argentina and we use LCSH for subject cataloging and their correspondent authority records for our
authority catalog (we have ALEPH as the integrated system and OCLC as the bibliographic utility).
Recently we have subscribed to Bilindex as we want to maintain subject headings both in English and in Spanish.
My question is oriented to those who also use Bilindex. How do you manage to control the Spanish subject
access points in the catalog?
Thank you in advance for all your help and greetings from Buenos Aires,

Lic. Estela Chahbenderian
Technical Services
Biblioteca Max von Buch
Universidad de San Andrés
Vito Dumas 284 - (B1644BID)
Victoria, Buenos Aires - Argentina
Tel: (54 11) 4725-7064
Fax: (54 11) 4725-7027


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Kathleen Koontz | 6 Jun 17:29

Re: Bilindex and authority work

Kathleen Koontz <kkbwi@…> 2011-06-06 15:29:28 GMT
When I was an authority control coordinator,  I created MARC authority
records for the Bilindex headings that were then loaded into the system.  We
were lucky to have global authority control, so new authority records could
be generated automatically and linked directly to the 6XX fields in the
bibliographic records.  Then we could customized them to fit our needs,
which included providing the corresponding LCSH and usage notes.

Don't forget that Bilindex headings are coded 6XX _7$a[Heading].$2bidex

Therefore you may need to set your OPAC to display the Bilindex headings.

Kathleen Koontz
Contract Cataloger
Franklin, TN

These are Spanish equivalent headings for “Military law.”

Derecho militar

Military law

Derecho militar—Chile

Military law—Chile

Derecho militar—Chile—Casos

Military law—Chile—Cases.

Derecho militar—Chile—Revistas

Military law—Chile—Periodicals.

Derecho militar—Chile—Historia—Siglo XIX

Military law—Chile—History—19th Century.

Derecho militar—Chile—Resúmenes, esquemas, etc.

Military law—Chile—Outlines, syllabi, etc.

Derecho militar—Chile—Congresos

Military law—Chile—Congresses.

Derecho militar—España—Diccionarios—Español

Military law—Spain—Dictionaries—Spanish.

Derecho militar—Chile—Santiago—Historia—Fuentes

Military law—Chile—Santiago—History—Sources

Derecho militar—Chile—Santiago—Historia—Fuentes—Estudios interculturales

Military law—Chile—Santiago—History—Sources—Cross-cultural studies.

Derecho militar—Chile—Disposiciones criminales—Digestos

Military law—Chile—Criminal provisions—Digests.

Derecho militar—Chile—Revistas

Military law—Chile—Periodicals.

 Derecho militar (Ley Islámica)

Military law (Islamic law)

Derecho militar (Ley Judía)

Military law (Jewish law)

These are Spanish subject headings equivalents for “Works Councils”

Consejos laborales

Works councils

x             Consejos de trabajo;

Consejos obreros

Consejos de trabajadores

Trabajo, Consejos de

Consejos laborales—Casos de estudio—Congresos

Works councils—Case studies—Congresses.

Consejos laborales—Chile

Works councils—Chile.

Consejos laborales—Paises comunistas

Works councils—Communist countries.

Consejos laborales—Conflictos de leyes

Works councils—Conflict of laws

Consejos laborales—Congresos

Works councils—Congresses.

Consejos laborales— Chile—Santiago—Historia

Works councils—Chile—Santiago—History

Consejos laborales—Estudios interculturales.

Works councils—Cross-cultural studies

Consejos laborales

Works councils—Chile

Consejos laborales—Chile—Historia.

Works councils—Chile—History

Consejos laborales—Chile—Historia—Fuentes—Estudios interculturales

Works councils—Chile—History—Source—Cross-cultural studies

Hello world!

Bilindex’s Mission. Nuestra misión

To continue providing high-quality, responsive and expanded SpanishEnglish bilingual access to library collections and data sets in the global setting.

Continuar proveyendo acceso bilingüe de alta calidad, responsivo, y expansivo en español e inglés a colecciones de bibliotecas y fuentes documentarias dentro de un sistema global.

Bilindex is the most popular, authoritative, global, general thesauri for Spanish-English terms and authorized subject headings that provides accessibility to information, documents and library collections. Bilindex’s copyrighted  text, system of headings, English-Spanish equivalencies, and cross-references are licensed upon purchase and registration of users. Bilindex is also expanding its thesaurus capabilities to new, emerging, and rapidly growing fields such as computer, communications, information, and networking.

Bilindex es la colección más popularde tesauros  autorizados y globales de términos y encabezamientos de materias en inglés-español que provee acceso a la información, bases de datos, documentos y colecciones bibliotecológicas. El texto, sistemas de encabezamientos,  equivalentes en inglés y español, y el sistema de referencias cruzadas de Bilindex están sujetos a los derechos de autor y su uso autorizado requiere una licencia, la cual es otorgada al momento de compra para su registración como usuario legal. Bilindex está también expandiendo su capacidades como tesauro en otras áreas específicas, en aquellos campos emergentes, de nuevas tecnologías que se caracterizan por su crecimiento rápido como los campos de computación, comunicación y sistemas de redes de computación.